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Test again

Jun. 15th, 2009 | 04:58 pm

Your result for The Social Persona Test (Version 2.5) ...
Lord of the Misfits (QLAM)

Quirky Liberal Alpha Male

Lord of the Misfits (QLAM)

You are similar to The Fratt Boy, in that you often try to take care of peers you percieve as less successful, but with the added benefit that you actually understand those on the fringes. You are a good ally to have, but people might be hurt if they believe your universal good will is a sign of a close friendship. You are nice to everyone, but you know who your true friends are. In terms of dating, you want someone who shares your interests; other than that, anything goes.

You are more QUIRKY than NORMAL.

You are more LIBERAL than TRADITIONAL.

You are more DOMINANT than PASSIVE.

When picking a date, consider: The Rarity (QTAF), The Renaissance Faire Wench (QLAF), The Librarian (QTBF), or The Emo Girl (QLBF)


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Another survey

Jul. 16th, 2008 | 03:52 am

Your EQ is 173

Two possibilities - you've either out "Dr. Phil-ed" Dr. Phil... or you're a dirty liar.

Seriously though, your whole "Don't Worry, Be Happy" philosophy is really what defines emotional intelligence.

You're warm, open, and very optimistic. You know how to act appropriately, even if you don't feel like it.

You are a good communicator, and you have little difficulty with personal relationships - even when you're dealing with difficult people.

In general, you are successful, capable, together person. You get what you want out of life.

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Meaning of my name

Jan. 8th, 2008 | 10:11 am

What Ranulf Means

You are wild, crazy, and a huge rebel. You're always up to something.
You have a ton of energy, and most people can't handle you. You're very intense.
You definitely are a handful, and you're likely to get in trouble. But your kind of trouble is a lot of fun.

You are usually the best at everything ... you strive for perfection.
You are confident, authoritative, and aggressive.
You have the classic "Type A" personality.

You are very intuitive and wise. You understand the world better than most people.
You also have a very active imagination. You often get carried away with your thoughts.
You are prone to a little paranoia and jealousy. You sometimes go overboard in interpreting signals.

You are a very lucky person. Things just always seem to go your way.
And because you're so lucky, you don't really have a lot of worries. You just hope for the best in life.
You're sometimes a little guilty of being greedy. Spread your luck around a little to people who need it.

You are relaxed, chill, and very likely to go with the flow.
You are light hearted and accepting. You don't get worked up easily.
Well adjusted and incredibly happy, many people wonder what your secret to life is.

You are loving, compassionate, and ruled by your feelings.
You are able to be a foundation for other people... but you still know how to have fun.
Sometimes your emotions weigh you down, but you generally feel free from them.

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Nov. 8th, 2006 | 10:30 am

Got this from a website, following Clair's lead

This is Your Free Numerology Reading
This reading is based on —
Birth Name: Ranulf Jose Goss
Birth Date: 7/14/1977 (July 14, 1977)

Your Inner or Soul's Urge: This is spiritual and emotional expression more than physical. It is your heart-felt desires, your incentive, how you look at life. Here are your areas of personal satisfaction.

Number: 3

You respond to life from the heart. You want joy and happiness for yourself and for those around you. Inspiration and imagination are yours in abundance. You are somewhat of a dreamer.

Children and pets occupy a special place within.

You enjoy beauty, popularity, and constant activity. What you have is all you ask for.

Life is a game. You enjoy life as it comes, laughing at discouragement or failure, and never letting depression get the upper hand. Even so, there is a reticent side to your nature. You might be living in a world of feeling and emotion. You fall in Love easily.

You can see beauty everywhere. And you express your own beauty through your varied artistic talents -- painting, sculpting, speaking, decorating, acting, music, writing -- anything with color, form, or rhythm.

Seems you have a lot of friends; often entertaining, broadcasting your energy and your Love, giving everyone a good time. You are probably not unfaithful, but you enjoy flirting. You are kind and obliging. Your friends mean a great deal to you.

Patience and ability to concentrate could be enhanced for your personal benefit.

Your Personality: This is physical expression more than spiritual or emotional; your outer self, the way you express when meeting others. It may or may not be the real you.

Number: 7

You appear dignified and poised, intellectual, and somewhat aloof. When first meeting someone, you appear hard to know, but are friendly and a good talker when better acquainted. You emit a strong sense of self-knowledge.

While discussing familiar topics, you are convincing and appear at ease. However, in unfamiliar areas you can make statements you later regret.

Your personality gains when well-dressed and groomed; good style with straight lines and touches of color and sparkle, possibly of expensive materials.

Your Quiescent Self: Stripping away all outside influences, aspirations, ambitions, "shoulds", and "shouldn'ts" -- this is you when you are alone; just you and your dreams..

Number: 7

You have a cosmic connection with spiritual wisdom. The Ancients are no stranger to you. In fact, you share their knowledge. You are known for who you are, and people seek you out to hear your words of wisdom. You live in an old, beautifully restored house; your library is full of precious and rare books and your study is adorned with classic art.

Your thoughts and pleasure are meditation on the philosophical and spiritual wisdom of the masters of old.

Your Destiny or Ultimate Goal: This is your desired lifetime accomplishment. It is a key to a useful and happy life, and to feeling fulfillment during your latter days.

Number: 1

Your destiny is leadership. You come to this position through your own actions. Not by aggressive or dominant behavior, but by relying on your own inner strength, self-reliance, and determination. Your originality and your initiative can put you in a place of authority or leadership during your lifetime.

You have a healthy respect for individuality. You are innovative, and are often asked to lead, direct, and manage the affairs of people and organizations. When you have specifically defined and visualized goals, your powers of concentration and focus allow you to achieve them quickly and fully. You are happiest in the role of pioneer, explorer, creator, inventor, leader, director, chief executive, owner of any business, or editor of any periodical publication.

You wish to be left unhampered to carry out your own ideas.

Your Life's Path: Here are clues to what fate has in store for you. It indicates the type of encounters, events, and opportunities you are likely to experience along your physical life path.

Number: 9

Your path is philanthropy, loving service to the peoples of Earth. You are a humanitarian with an innate sense of idealism, tolerance, and compassion, giving up personal ambitions and possessions if the general good demands it. You have an impressive personality and power to influence others. At times you are somewhat naive in your anticipation of the joy you believe is coming.

Your spiritual sensitivity and holistic feelings for humanity encompass a wide range -- compassion, generosity, sympathy, tolerance. You have a vivid imagination.

You easily and joyfully serve your fellow man, tending to place others before yourself and give your Love, sympathy, help, and understanding without stint. You would like to see perfection in marriage, self, and the whole world.

Your opportunities are among emotional, artistic, and inspirational people, in fields that serve broad segments of mankind.

This Year's Path: Here is what you are likely to encounter this year -- your feelings, your predominant perspective, and the type of situations, circumstances, and opportunities you tend to attract during the calendar year.

Number: 2

Harmonious associations are very important for you this year. The year's success and good results will be obtained through diplomacy, cooperation, tactfulness, and good relationships. It is a year for receiving and sharing rather than aggressively pursuing your own way.

Your intuition and emotions are enhanced this year.

It is a busy year, with endless demands on your time. It is easier to work with others rather than doing things by yourself.

Your plans and developments may experience periods of delay. No need to worry about that. Things move slower this year.

The year can revitalize your peace of mind. It is a good time to strengthen your friendships.

Next Year's Path.

Number: 3

This is the year to express your inspiration, your imagination, your creative thought, and your deep emotional feelings. You desire to do more entertaining this year and accept more invitations. Take time off to enjoy yourself.

You can give color and warmth to all levels of living. Be artistic. Express yourself joyfully. Now is the time to follow those inspirational and imaginative ideas you are so excited about. Follow your desire for self-improvement; the year is rich with opportunities for inner growth.

It is a colorful and eventful year, with pleasure, opportunities for travel, enjoyable social activities, and entertainment coming your way.

Allow your abundance of cheer and optimism to guide you.

Last Year's Path.

Number: 1

More so than usual, you feel desire to move forward, to improve situations, to assert your individuality, and to get on with life. Reach for opportunities and they will come to you.

Life is beginning anew! Now is the time to put your best foot forward; to take up a hobby or other activity that will freshen your thinking and broaden your general activities; to look ahead.

This is an active year with many decisions to make. Your affairs are making a new start. The next nine years' experience will depend a great deal on what you do and don't do this year. It calls for strength of purpose, clear thinking, and listening to your inner voice.

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New Test Results

Jul. 5th, 2005 | 11:39 am

You scored as Prudence. Prudence- with you are good judgement and a sharp mind.
















The Seven Heavenly Virtues
created with QuizFarm.com

I dont consider myself a prude, but I agree with the good judgement and sharp mind

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l33t sp34k paper

Jun. 6th, 2005 | 12:54 pm

Check it out!!!


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(no subject)

Jun. 1st, 2005 | 06:54 pm

Last two weeks I had lots of fun.

UGotGame Pro was a blast. Tired, hungry, and busy, am glad I was able to pull it off. Looking forward for the next one. Still have to process the video tape of the event tho.

Gamejournos launching was a blast. Sacha is kinda making sure that other people know that she knows me, and somewhat acting as my secretary. Clair then became the official photographer. Jac and Jonas had fun playing free games and free net. We met with the movers and shakers of the game industry, small but very influential group.

Am glad to see people mentioning me and wanting to work with me for game development. Am glad that they want to help out. I see potential in our industry, and am glad they see potential in us game developers.

When it was my turn to speak yesterday, I spoke from the heart. A lot of people were clapping and cheering. It was a surreal and happy moment. But even after the night was over, there was one more set of words that is music to my ears.

"I'm proud of you"


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(no subject)

May. 10th, 2005 | 08:48 pm

Yesterday evening, the weirdest thing happened.

It rained.

For all the days of heat that we're all encountering during summer, we had an outpour of rain. With lightning at that.

But this time, for the first time, I did not run away from it.

In fact, I walked thru it, with steady pace. I was not scared of the rain, not this rain anyway.

I have come to realize I had gone a long way from being the 16 year old boy that wanted to make games. I have realized that we cannot always have what we want, but rather do the best with what we have. I am not as intelligent as other people, nor as rich, but how did I get to this point where I am right now?

It's because I dared to walk on the rain . . .

- - -

I recieved a message , telling me that the story of my company , Slycesoft Games Development, will be published online.

- - -

A lot of people and companies would risk little, if at all for what I believe in. They stayed in their comfort zone, staying away from the risks. They stayed away from the rain . . .

Yesterday, I stepped on the rain, for the first time, because I have grown. The message above made me realize I was exposed, and the public eye will be on me. The rain of criticisms will fall down on me and the rain of questions and biased opinions will drench me.

Yet, I dared to walk on the rain . . .

And I realized how the raindrops are just raindrops and that they will dry up from the flame of passion inside me.

No matter how heavy or hard the heavens bring it down, I will be adamant and keep the flame burning . . .

For my beloved, my best friend, my close friends, my family, my company . . .

For what I believe in.

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DLSU CCS Summer Camp, Com Sci teachers, etc

Apr. 30th, 2005 | 01:29 am

Went to the last day of DLSU CCS summer camp for 3rd year high schoolers, it was lots of fun seeing the potential computer scientists having lots of fun and being acquainted with each other. Even tho they had some simple tasks to do, they were given only a couple of days to finish their respective projects.

Am glad that DLSU is actually implementing game development courses soon. It's part of the main BSCS course already, hopefully it works well.

Sad news, SRDP ( student research and development program ) no longer exists in DLSU CCS. I hope that they revive it in the future. I personally would want to start it up again, but I think a Games SIG would be much more feasible in the short term.

Also, I read the response of Sacha to someone who is dismayed with the way computer science is taught in his own school. Here are some of my opinions:

-Teachers that are actually researching or doing some industry work dont have time to teach, but they really ought to. Their experiences would be much useful in teaching a hands on class or a practical class like programming and software design and development.

-I had teachers as very good mentors. Even tho I went to classes, I made sure I can spend time researching on computer related stuff am interested in. My mentors supplemented this with their own inputs and references. Thanks to them I was able to formulate my own research path.

-Computer Science is a pretty broad field, so each of us can focus on what to research. Schools provide us the foundation, but it will be up to us to learn beyond the four walls of the classroom. We all have to personally develop our own m4d l33t sk1llz.

-In school, grades are grades, but learning should not stop at course card day.

In the end, it is up to each of us to figure what is worth pursuing to learn. The teachers and the schools will be there , but it will always be up to us to go the extra mile.

Glad I have learned a lot and still learning now.

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(no subject)

Apr. 18th, 2005 | 11:17 am

Some highlights on the last three days:

Last friday I submitted my letter of resignation already. It was a bit scary since it is the first time to do it. The feeling was surreal and a lot of things was going through my head, being in here for almost six years. In the end they still want more time before they let me go, which am still ok for me to give. My fear of course is overwhelmed by the fact that am excited for the future.

Friday night, it dawned to me that i'll be taking the helm for this trip and I also had to chaperone some people ( you know who you are *wink* ) during the trip. The couple being together wasn't planned earlier, but I tried my best for them to be together on this trip, since my best friend requested for it.

Saturday, we went to club morocco early in the morning then went to subic to watch one of my employees bikini contest, it was fun watching both girls and guys performing on stage.

Special Note: The phantom of the opera song was used by one of the male contestants, some of us would never listen at the song the same way again hehehe

Sunday, I was woken up. Instead of going to the beach with my friends, I tried looking for a good place to meditate in. I found some rocky area near a few feet away from the shoreline, with a tree shading the rock. I knew already that I was in the crossroads of my life, that is why I wanted to reflect alone. Am really glad to spend a few moments there, even tho am more social now I still need some solitude with nature, trying to figure things out.

I'll be moving on, from having a job, to living a dream. Am thankful for the people that were there to support my move. Am thankful they believe in me and my dreams.

I will be "in the zone" again. I will be "hyper" again. I have been given this chance , and I will make the most out of it to focus on what I believe in.


In the end, I feel that the last three days was an accelerated course for life, for all those who were there. We learned a lot about each other, and we had lots of fun doing so. For me am glad we planned to go and almost everything went well.

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